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Queen Mattresses available in stock:

Pillow Top, Euro Top, Hybrid, Gel memory foam.

Queen mattresses, beds and mattress sets.

Queen size mattress is being considered one of the most popular mattress size.

The size of this mattress is around 60 inches by 80 inches.

Best Choice – for people who want to stay close to each other in bed and snuggle.
Not A Great Choice – for couples who like to snuggle, but still need some space to stretch.


The Queen size mattress can be used on different types of foundations, frames and beds. You can also choose the type of the Queen size mattress that best suits your needs.


In our store from Pensacola, Fl you can find many QUEEN mattress types. We will just name the most popular mattresses types:

                         •    Queen Foam mattress
                         •    Queen Memory Foam
                         •    Queen Gel Memory Foam
                         •    Queen Pillow Top Mattress
                         •    Queen Euro Top Mattress
                         •    Innerspring mattress
                         •    Individual coils mattress
                         •    Queen Hybrid Mattress


Choosing the right mattress is important for your sleep. This will make you sleep more comfortable and cozy through the night. MATCO MATTRESS, offers different types of Queen size mattress.

People buy the Queen size mattress in USA, mostly from 2 consideration:

It is considered the best mattress for couples

Queen size mattress is best for the people who want to share the mattress with somebody. The width of this mattress is good enough for two people. You can either share the bed with your partner, your child or with your pet. Unfortunately, you can’t sleep with more than one person in this bed size.

The best price for people who want to share their bed

The Queen size mattress is considered to have a cost effective price. This size mattress has the best price for two adults who share a bed.

You can always check our website and order it online or you can visit our showroom for more details.

Good luck in finding your perfect match for the Queen size mattress. If you need any help to decide on your mattress choice don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our store in Pensacola, Florida.



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