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Why people Crave Memory Foam Mattresses?

According to Wikipedia, memory foam was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA's Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. 


Charles Yost is the person who invented the memory foam.

The original product was called T-foam or Temper foam that was used for later as a memory foam mattress and cushion company.

Nowadays we use memory foam in mostly anything, starting from chairs, cars, sofas, mattresses and even sleepers.


Memory foam is a part of everybody’s life, as it is present in our houses, offices and cars. In the beginning the cost of  memory foam was very expensive, as it was considered a luxury thing.


After couple years it became more accessible, as the price was lowered.

The most used memory foam is in mattresses, as we like to sleep on something that is soft and comfortable.


Our customers, most often, ask about pillow top mattresses and memory foam mattresses.


If you ever wonder why people want to have this type of mattress and what are the benefits of a memory foam mattress, let see what are the most known benefits of a memory foam mattress.

Adjusts to your body & Accommodates the position of your sleep

I think this is the first reason why people want to buy memory foam mattresses. The mattress adjusts to your body and this is comfortable and pleasant during your sleep.


This happens when the body heat comes in contact with the memory foam and then it regains its shape after changing the position. So, no matter how often you change your position during your sleep, you will always feel relaxed during your sleep.


As memory foam can accommodate the position of your sleep.

Memory foam - T-foam or Temper foam

No partner Disturbance & Motion Transfer

The memory foam is a perfect material for your mattress, if you want to share the mattress with your partner. As, the motion transfer here is not an issue. If your partner is tossing and turning around all night long, you won’t feel it. The memory foam mattress gives you the motion transfer resistance, as it reduces disturbance during your sleep.


Helps with Pain & Pressure Relief

Memory foam can help reduce the pressure in the points where we need it the most - back, hip, spine, shoulders. The most important, of course, is our spine, that can stay in a neutral position during the night and it won’t sag into the mattress.


There are people who are encountering back problems. Memory foam is one of those mattresses that can help you soothe your pain, especially for those who have arthritis and fibromyalgia. This happens because our body feels warm in the points where we have pain. Memory foam is a material that responds to heat, it can shape to those painful joints to help relieve pain.


Of course, the memory foam mattresses have many benefits, but the most important is that it can give you a quality sleep during the night. With a memory foam mattress, you will be able to wake up happy, content and relaxed.

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