California King bed is the longest bed available on the market. 

This mattress suits more for people who are taller. 

It comes larger and longer than a Queen size mattress. It is 12" wider and 4" longer than a Queen size bed. 

Compared to a regular King size bed it is longer, but comes narrower.


It is longer with 4 inches and narrower with 4 inches than a King size mattress. If you are a tall person you can try this size, as it is long and your feet won’t hang off the bed. 


      76’ wide × 82’ long 

      36’ width  



You have to have a bigger bedroom in order to accommodate this bed size. It costs a little more than a King mattress. But, if you have the space in your room and need a longer size bed, this is the size to go with. 

California King Mattress Size - Pensacola, Fl
King size mattress vs California size mattress