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Flippable mattress - Matco Mattress store

Flippable mattresses have the advantage of having a sleep surface on both sides of the mattress. 

Flippable Mattress

You can sleep on one side and after a couple months you can flip the mattress and sleep on the other side.
Flippable mattresses can be both firm and soft. It depends on the firmness level you like. But, if you like to flip your mattress every 3 months then this is a good option.


The bottom side of the flippable mattress is the same as the top one. Some mattresses have different comfort levels on these sides. Top mattress surface can be soft and the button surface can be firm.



Flippable mattresses are usually more durable in time. If you flip your mattress sides both equally the mattress will last longer.
In general, it is recommended to flip the mattress every six months. This is a general rule. But, if the mattress is older and is worn out, you can flip it more often than that.


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