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Here you can find all mattress sizes that are available in our local stores. We always carry more products in our store than are listed online. You are always welcome to call, chat or stop by our location and see what new models and products we have in stock. We carry most wanted mattress sizes - Twin, Full, Queen, King mattress. But, we can always order any other size that you need and we don’t have in stock. If you need a California King mattress we can order it and in a couple of days you can enjoy your new mattress size.

Kids love our Twin mattress, as it is a perfect match for the firmness and comfort. It is firm enough for their back and soft enough for their comfort. Brothers love their Twin mattress, especially for their bunk beds. Couples love the King size mattress as the best mattress for their bedroom. But, if you can’t accommodate the King size mattress, we can offer you the Queen size mattress. Your bedroom will look beautiful and cozy with MATCO Mattress bed selection.



MATCO Mattress has in stock foam mattresses, pillow top mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses. We also carry bedroom sets that have box springs and metal frames. All these mattress types can be a great choice for your house and bedroom. You can use your mattress on your platform bed, on your toddler bed or your daybed. If you enjoy the new features of an adjustable bed, then you can try our 13 inch - Hybrid Euro Top Luxury Gel Memory Foam Individually Pocketed Coils. We are thriving to stay updated to the new features from furniture and mattress world. And we know that a mattress is not something that you buy every day - you need to do your research on the best mattress type for your body. We are here to help you choose the best mattress for your sleep, for your child, your partner or your parents. MATCO Mattress is a company that can offer mattresses for your entire family. We want you to know that we can bring comfort, joy and sleep along with our mattress into your house.



You think about your mattress budget when you need to replace your old mattress. Either you had your mattress for too long, or you have a mattress that is not a good fit for your body, or you just want to try a new model. No matter what is the reason for your new mattress acquisition, we are here to offer you mattresses that can fit any budget. But, if you don’t have any money today, you can always apply for financing.


Our customers love our prices and always say that our prices are cheap. We can offer cheap prices as we are a manufacturer and we have our own mattresses, that were designed in Europe and custom made for MATCO Mattress. Yes, we don’t have a huge, fancy showroom, because we want you to benefit from the price and the quality of our mattresses. We don’t offer a fancy store, we just have piles of new, in plastic, mattresses that are ready to go home with you today.


Our budget range from $ 99 for a Twin mattress, $200 for a Queen mattress and 250 for a King size mattress, on sale, while supply lasts.


Since we have our own mattresses, we can offer 70% OFF deals, clearance and blowout mattress prices just for you, only in our mattress store in Pensacola.



Comfort is one of the main factors when people choose a mattress. We all have different perceptions of comfort and when you try a mattress you know which one is the best mattress for your sleep. Mattresses range in comfort from firm to plush. The medium firm mattresses are the one that mostly fit every sleeper. If you are a stomach, side and or even a back sleeper, the medium firm mattress can be a good option. If you like a very soft mattress than you should go with the plush mattress. It is recommended for side sleepers and for those who don’t weight much.  If you like the firm mattress then you should look for support layers in the mattress.


Usually people who are looking for a firm mattress they are back sleepers or stomach sleepers. No matter what your is your comfort choice, at our local mattress store you can find the comfort that you are looking for.  We have firm mattresses made from innerspring and pillow top layer that will make you enjoy your sleep. We also offer hybrid medium firm mattresses made from individually wrapped coils, foam support layers and gel memory foam as a comfort layer. It is a perfect combination of layers that will not only make you feel comfy, but also relaxed and happy all night long. We always care about the little ones and know how important is the comfort for them. It is recommended that kids choose a firmer mattress for their sleep, as they are still growing and need a good back support.


Mattress and Bed - Pensacola, FL


For all mattress deals, visit our store for details.

Our selection of twin mattresses start from foam, innerspring, pillow top and euro top mattresses. For the toddler bed we recommend firmer mattress, but as they grow up they can choose more softer mattress. We will be happy to help you select the best mattress for your kid’s bed.