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Adjustable bed - a trend or necessity?
Most of our customers are interested in the features of the adjustable base. As they say that they heard about it and would love to try it, but would want to know more information about this product. Let’s see how it all started and when.
History of Mattress Bed

According to Wikipedia the idea of adjustable base was around from the Roman Empire, when the elite was getting together to eat laying on their sides.


In the 19th century was created the - Gatch bed - that served the military in the war. This type of bed was used in the hospitals for people to recuperate. It was considered a healthy way for recovery for patience in the hospital. Mostly, it was used for war soldiers to get back on their feet. It became popular around the world as a hospital cot. It could adjust the height of the bed and it could be put in the Trendelenburg position.  

And lately, it was used in people's houses. Of course, nowadays we have the updated version of the adjustable beds that have many options for your body's comfort. The mattress industry is growing every day and they promote this bed as a healthy solution for your sleep.  

People like the adjustable bed, as they can choose the height for their back. And they feel more comfortable as there is no need to get out of the bed. It also reduces the risk of back injuries.  


Adjustable beds in Pensacola, Florida
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