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RV Mattress in Pensacola, Fl

Find RV mattresses in Pensacola, Florida by sizes range from 28" to 75" and 35" wide by 80" long.

RV Mattress Size Dimensions (Width x Length)

  • RV Bunk Mattress - 28inch by 75inch; 30inch by 75inch; 30inch by 80inch; 34inch by 75inch; 35inch by 79inch.

  • RV Full - 53inch by 75inch; 54inch by 75inch; 55inch by 75inch.

  • Three-Quarter RV - 48inch by 75inch; 48inch by 80inch.

  • RV Short Queen - 60inch by 74 inch; 60inch by 75inch.

RV Mattress in Pensacola, Florida
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