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When is time to change your mattress?

If you think that one mattress can last a lifetime, this is not really the case.


The sleeping experts say that a mattress should be replaced between 5 and 8 years, depending on what type of mattress you have.


Some mattresses have a longer lifespan and others less.


But, overall if you just bought a new mattress you should be fine for a couple years.


If you have an old or new mattress, but you feel that you wake up miserable in the morning, your body aches, and you feel tired, then is time to take some action and change your mattress.


If you have a new mattress and you wake up unhappy, that means that the mattress you have is not the perfect match for your body.


The reasons can be different:

  • You need a special approach

  • You have back pain

  • The firmness is not right for you

  • You need another type of mattress


All of these reasons can be discussed with your sell person from where you bought the mattress. Is very important not to rush buying a mattress, but just take time and lie down a little longer. Is better to test the mattress before you buy it.

Time to get a new mattress

How to know when is time to replace your old mattress?



You feel that the mattress doesn’t give you enough support for your back and spine. Your body is not as relaxed as it used to before. You start to feel your partner’s movements. And the mattress is sagging more and more each day.



If your mattress is not flat and firm, this will affect your good night’s sleep. Your mattress doesn’t have to have any sagging signs like dips and craters.


Dirt & Odor

If your mattress is not new, is obvious that it will have some stains on it. Or some odor that is hard to get out of the mattress. The stains and that smell makes you decide on buying a new mattress. Is hard to keep the mattress intact and clean, especially when you have kids or pets.

Bed Bugs

If you wake up in the morning and you have some red spots on your body, or even worse, your body itches. That is an obvious sign that you have bed bugs. Who likes the bed bugs? Nobody. Is very hard to get rid of them. Even if you clean your mattress, that won’t help.


At least 5 years old

If you have your mattress for at least 5 years old and you start to experience discomfort, you wake up tired and nervous, then is time to change your mattress.


Don’t let your sleep to affect your life. Change your mattress today and sleep better!


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