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Diversity of mattresses by type: Pillow top, Euro top, Plush, Hybrid.

Foam, Memory foam, Latex, Cocos, Gel Memory Foam, Innerspring coils, Individual coils & more.




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A-Adjustable Bed

Is a type of bed that has the ability to be profiled to different positions. The adjustable base is one of the latest trends in the mattress world, and is something that almost everybody wants to have. There are many things that you should know about what type of mattress can be used with an adjustable base.

B- Box Spring

Also called the foundation is that part of the bed on which you can place the mattress. The base is very popular in America. Most people want to have a higher bed and they use the base on top of the bed or metal frame.


Are a support system of the mattress that are made of high density metal. These wires are part of a supportive system of the mattress or foundation. The number of coils is very important in a mattress. If the mattress has more coils, that means it has more support, as well as durability. See our choice of mattress made from coils and the number of coils in it.

D - Durability

It refers to the life of the mattress. Or, also the length of time that your mattress will still give you the support that you need.

E-Euro Top

It is an additional layer of padding on top of the mattress. This top  layer makes the mattress more comfortable. It is considered as premium and luxury mattresses, as it is made from high-quality materials.


Is it used as one of the top layers on a mattress. A mattress can have couple layers of foam. It can be either a support layer or


The hybrid mattress is usually  made of 2 layers. The most used is innerspring with memory foam. This type of mattress is a good choice for the customers. As, it gives the support and comfort they want from these layers.

I-Innerspring Mattress

The mattress that has steel coils in it. Those steel coils give you more support for a good night's sleep. The innerspring mattress can have more coils in it. This type of mattress is widely promoted and it is considered the most used mattress.


The size of a mattress that is used in a bedroom. The King mattress usually measures 76"W by 80"L.

L- Luxury mattress

Have a longer durability, as they are made from better quality materials, have different layers of support, as well as, higher prices. Usually made of high density foam, coils, gel memory foam.

M-memory foam

It is also called viscoelastic. Is made of polyurethane and additional chemicals that increase the density and viscosity.


This notion it is widely used lately in the mattress environment. This means that the mattress is made of natural products, as plants or animals. And, does not have any synthetic fabrics or layers. This is a general term and does not include any certificate that will say - certified natural.
O-Off gassing

This is a very important term as it speaks about the chemicals in a product. It means that the product has some chemicals that are harmful for the human body.

P-Pillow top

Is made of a layer of fibers that is attached on top of the mattress and makes the mattress more comfortable.


Is the size of the mattress that is usually 60" x 80".


Refers to a person that changes very often sleep positions. Usually, turns from sleeping on one side to another one.


The mattress set it is made of the foundation and mattress. It can include the metal frame too.


The size of the mattress - 38" x 75".


Speaks more about the mattress comfort. As it is relates to the soft layers in a mattress.


Is the material that is found in one layer of the mattress. Usually, is the quilting layer of the mattress.


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