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A wide diversity of twin mattresses in the store:

Twin Pillow top, Twin euro top: foam, innerspring, memory foam.

It is  also called single mattress bed, as it is designed for one person to sleep on it. 









    If you have a small room this is the best option for your bed.

    The term - "twin mattresses" or "twin XL mattresses" is used when we need it as one of a matching pair in a bedroom. The twin mattresses or the twin (XL) mattresses are used in a room where more than 1 person will sleep.


    Usually, twin mattresses are used in a room for siblings. They are most used in children room, but for guest room, or hotel rooms usually are used Twin Single Extra Long (XL).






           Dimensions: Twin - Single

           39” wide × 75” long (99 cm x 191 cm)

           39” width per person

           Dimensions: Twin (XL) - Single Extra Long (XL)

           39” wide × 80” long (99 cm x 203 cm)

           39” width per person

    Twin Size Mattress - Pensacola, Fl

    According to Wikipedia historically most beds were "twins" or "doubles", but in the mid-1940s larger mattresses were introduced by manufacturers.  


    Twin mattresses for Kids

    The twin mattress is used for kids as a transition from a crib or toddler bed to a twin bed. The bunk beds are very popular for the twin mattresses. Especially, if you have more kids, the twin size mattresses are a great addition to the kids room. You can accommodate more people in a smaller room. 

    Adults use the twin size mattress for different purposes. Some sleepers have a small bedroom and can only fit a twin size mattress. Other customers bought MATCO twin size mattress for the day bed. No matter the purpose of the twin mattresses, is good to know that they can fit mostly in any room. 

    Comfy Mattresses 

    Twin MATCO Mattresses can be found in Firm, Plush and Euro Pillow Top. You can choose the comfort level for your sleep. If you like something softer you can definitely choose the euro pillow top twin mattress. If you like something firmer you can go with the firm or plush twin mattress.These mattresses will give you support and comfort for a better night’s sleep. 

    Twin mattresses for Adults

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