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Beds & Furniture in Matco Mattress store - Pensacola, Fl

We want our bedroom furniture to be qualitative, comfortable and relaxing.

The search for a bedroom furniture is not easy, as nowadays there are so many bed types that you get lost in the choice.


You just go with the quality materials, affordable price, and, of course, ergonomics design.


If you start searching for bedroom furniture in our store, you can find different types of bedroom furniture sets: bed frames, platform beds, day beds, bunk beds, sleigh beds, futons, trundle beds, murphy beds, canopy beds and more. 


The bed you choose, depends on the style of your bedroom.

We all need beds for our house. Either we just moved to a new state, bought a house or just got married. Beds are part of everybody’s life. Is one part of the furniture that is most used in our household. All house furniture is important, but we all pay closer attention to the bed we are buying, as we know that we spend a lot of time sleeping, relaxing, reading books, eating breakfast and drinking coffee in bed.

If you have a casual bedroom style, traditional, or romantic one, you need to choose your bedroom bed accordingly. You don’t want your bedroom to be filled with a lot of furniture, but, for sure, you need a bed with a comfy mattress.

When choosing a bed, you have to take into consideration the size of the bed that you are looking for. If you have a larger room, you can go with the King or even California King bed.


If you have a smaller bedroom, you can choose Full or Queen size bed.
Most used size bed for the bedroom is a Queen size bed. It is considered to be the most bought mattress and the most affordable one. The Twin size bed is used mostly for the kids room. Best used with the bunk beds, if you have 2 kids.

No matter what kind of bed you will choose, you will definitely need a mattress for your bedroom bed. You need to know the exact size of your bed to be able to match the mattress. Mattresses, as all beds come in Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King. To have a complete bedroom bed set you will need the bed, box spring and mattress. Now, many people are opting for the adjustable base that is a great addition to your bedroom bed. It gives you the possibility to have an adjustable bed and not have to bother your partner if you want your bed to be higher or lower.

Why are mattresses more important than a bed?


When you choose a bed, you are looking more to match the design and colors from your bedroom. You want your bed to look beautiful and exactly as you wanted to. Basically, the first factor of choosing a bed is the color of the bed and material that is made of. As the color and material of the have to match your interior design.


You want the bed to be stable and beautiful.

When it comes to buying the mattress, you pay closer attention to this product. For the reason that your body is in direct contact with the mattress. You might have different preferences with your partner when buying a mattress. Your partner might like a softer mattress and you might like a firmer one. And here is important to go to the mattress store and test the mattress. So you can see what kind of mattress will best suit your needs. You can buy a bed by yourself, but you will have to take your partner with you to the mattress store when you are choosing the mattress.


Mattresses can change the way you sleep and even improve your life.


Because your sleep depends on the comfort of your mattress. You can encounter even back pain, insomnia and bad mood if you don’t have a good bed mattress. The definition of a good mattress is individual for every person. If for me the perfect mattress is the gel memory foam top mattress, it does not mean that it will be the perfect match for you. If you are not sure what mattress is best for your needs, just visit our mattress store in Pensacola and we will help you to choose a mattress that will make you sleep better.

The best combination of a perfect bedroom bed is a combination between a beautiful bed and comfy mattress. If you know how you want your bedroom bed to look and your mattress to feel, then you will easily find your dream bed.

MATCO Mattress is always opened to answer your inquiries about beds, mattresses and the sizes you need to fit in your bedroom bed. You can chat, call or visit our store and we will be happy to help you.

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