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Updated: May 7

The fresh breeze at night, falling leaves, spicy pumpkin smell of coffee - the fall season is almost here.

Everybody is getting ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving and lots of fun. The decor is colorful, as it has orange and gold in it.

How about the home decor? Is nice to have some decor in the bedroom, living room and your garden. What do people usually use for the fall decor?

Fall Pumpkins

There is no autumn decor without a pumpkin in it. When the fall season starts, the pumpkin is present everywhere. Pumpkin coffee, pumpkin food, candles with the smell of pumpkin, different pumpkin scents.

Fall Table Decor

When it comes to the table decor it will definitely have a special table cloth, cups and plates, floral decor, thankful and blessed tray.

Fall Wreaths

Give you a special fall accent when you walk on the street and see the wreath hanging on the door. It is also a nice way to welcome guests and friends to your house. The most popular wreaths are made from pumpkin, leave, orange color.

Fall Pillows

The pillows in decor are very popular as the house feels more comfortable with them. The pillows can have different colors, but used are orange/gold accents. The message is also important - fall breeze, autumn leaves, hello fall, pumpkin spice and many others.

Fall Bedroom Bed

Those who love fall like to have their bedroom bed be decorated in the fall mood. Some even buy bed sheets with an orange color, special pillow decors for fall, as well as an orange comforter.

Fall Candles

Probably the most used are the candles with the smell of autumn. The candles come in so many scents that is difficult to make a choice. That is why I always buy more than one pieces. Is nice to have the smell of fall in your house.

Your home decor is important, as it gives us positive vibes and a feeling of comfort. This is the place where we all like to relax and feel good. All these small decors help us feel the fall season and enjoy every moment of it.

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Updated: May 7

The summer is here and a lot of people have plans on remodeling their home, or they are just in the mood of changing their interior colors. If you decided that you want to change something in your house and not sure from what to begin, let see what are the 2019 color trends.


Pantone LLC, every year, announces the colors of the year. According to Pantone, the official 2019 color of the year is Living Coral. This is a very beautiful and vibrant color that will help you feel happy and positive. This color is an inspiration from the reef color. People are using this color to decorate their house, companies use this color to promote their products. Apple already has coral accessories for sell. Designers use this color in their fashion style.


Since this year is all about strong colors, pink is one of them. This color will easily grab your attention. And will also make you shine, if you decide to wear something pink.


This color is always in trend. But, this year, you can use it with more confidence in your design ideas. The gold color has a deep meaning, showing power, success, wealth and, luxury.

Sweet Lilac

This color is one that gives you the calm that you need. The infused lavender color looks charming and restful.

Either you want to use these colors for your interior design, for your fashion style, or you just want to have some accessories to be in trend, you will not go wrong with these special colors.

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Updated: May 7

Mattress in a box is not a new thing anymore. More people like to buy mattresses that come in a box, as it is easy to bring the box into your room and set it on your bed frame. It is delivered right at your door and it take couple minutes to unpack it. Matco Mattress also comes in a box and it offers free shipping in USA. In order to unpack the MATCO Mattress you need to know that the mattresses are professionally packed, wrapped in plastic, machine compressed, and rolled for easy and convenient shipping.

We can offer couple tips on how is easier to set up the mattress in a box:

Bring the mattress box in the room where you want to use the mattress

Open the box. Just be careful not to cut the mattress when you are trying to open it.

Take the mattress, which is wrapped in plastic, out of the box.

Set the mattress on the bed frame you want to use it.

Open the plastic cover. Be careful not to cut the mattress with a sharp object, scissors or knife.

Let the mattress expand. It’s important to know that it can take 4-8 hours for the mattress to fully expand to its size, up to 24 hours. The mattress needs to regain its full shape.

Enjoy your new MATCO Mattress and sleep cool and comfortable all night long

Many people are asking if the mattress is expanding very fast, so you don’t have to be close to the mattress.

Actually, the mattress is expanding slowly, so it can fully regain its size. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the fact that you don’t have to be close to the mattress. We hope that these tips will help you set up your new MATCO Mattress in just couple minutes and you can enjoy your mattress right away. If you need any other information about setting up your MATCO Mattress in a box, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you set up your new mattress.

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