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BED FRAMES - Pensacola, Fl

A wide range of metal frame for  Mattresses in store.

Metal frames for all box springs sizes.

You can find the best metal frame deal in our store.

A bed frame, also called as a bedstead is the part of the bed where you can place the base and the mattress on top. You can create an entire bedroom set for your room that will include the bed frame, box spring and mattress on top.  The use of the bed frame is to keep the base and mattress higher and cleaner, as it will not be kept on the floor.

When you need a quick solution for your bedroom bed, the bed frame is the best choice.


It is easy to install, it is not heavy and you don’t need a huge truck to transport it. The bed frames are a good selection versus the bed. The bed is bigger, takes longer time to install and you need more people to help you.


Metal Frame sizes - Pensacola, Fl
Metal Frame Pensacoa, Fl

The bed frame can be made of metal or wood. Some bed frames  have head, foot and side rails. But, the simplest one have just legs and feet to be higher.

All models are different and you can choose the one that looks better or you think is going to fit better in your bedroom.


If you want a higher bed frame, you can opt for those with the legs and feet as it will be a little higher than the regular one. 

The bed frames come in different sizes, as beds and mattresses.

You can find bed frames in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.


Now the most popular bed frames are those that can be made in different sizes, or even better, one size fits all. There are bed frames that can fit Twin, Full and Queen sizes.


And bed frames that can fit Queen, King and California King sizes, Or one bed frame that will fit all these sizes.


Everybody loves these features, as if you decide that you want to change the size of your mattress, you can reuse the metal frame and switch to another size.


You can go from a Queen bed frame, to a Twin one, which is easy to do, with no help. When it is unpacked, the metal frame has a couple screws and the legs, so you can put it together in a couple minutes and get your bed ready in the same day. Some people are asking if the metal frame is strong enough for 2 people. Since it is made from metal, it is a strong foundation for your bed and you should not encounter any problems. 


So, if you are intending to buy a King size bed, then you should definitely buy the King size bedroom frame, along with the base. The bed frame size should match the box spring and mattress size, then you will have a complete mattress set. 
Some bed frames have slats included in them. These bed frames look great and are very practical. You can easily install the box spring and it will not be damaged at all. The slats are a great addition to the bed frame and it will add extra support for the base and mattress. You can use the mattress on top of the slats without a foundation. Because the slats can support the mattress. 

No matter what kind of metal frame you choose, the simplest one, the one that comes with feet and legs, the one with slats - your bedroom bed is going to look beautiful and cozy. And, the most important, is going to be practical. With the metal frame you can easily get on and off the bed.

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