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Individual (Pocketed) Coils are also known as Marshall coils. According to Wikipedia they are thin-gauge, barrel-shaped, knot-less coils individually encased in fabric pockets, usually a fabric from man-made, non-woven fiber.

The Individual Coils are placed under a comfort layer of the mattress. 


These individually wrapped coils react to pressure independently and that minimizes the movement. The weight on one spring is not affecting your partner’s.


The Individual Coils contour to your body and give you comfort and support. It also sleeps cool, as it allows the air flow through the MATCO pocket spring mattress.


The mattress made from individual pocketed coils is a long term investment.


It offers better support, because the cylindrical  spring hold up very well. 


Our customers enjoy their comfort and support on our Individual pocketed coils mattresses. It gives them quality while being able to have undisturbed sleep. 

Hybrid Euro Top Memory Individualy Coils - Pensacola, Fl
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