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Matco Mattress store in Pensacola, Florida at Fairfield Drive Location!

If you are searching on the market for a brand new mattress, you can stop by our locally owned and operated business in Pensacola.

If you are looking to replace your mattress after the hurricane or you just want to replace your old mattress and need a mattress that you can afford, you got our back - check Matco Mattress Store at Fairfield Drive!

If you are looking to replace your mattress after the hurricane Sally and need a mattress that you can afford, you got our back.

MATCO Mattress Pensacola, Fl
We offer special deals and discounts at Fairfield drive location at Matco Mattress Store, every week. In our store the prices are real and the mattresses go fast.
Matco Mattress Store can offer you a long night sleep!

Matco Mattress Store at Fairfield Dr., offers you the best deals on mattresses, box springs and metal frames. We are a locally owned and operated business in Pensacola. No fancy showroom, no big store, just best prices on mattresses. Our mattresses can offer you a range of prices starting with the cheapest one from $69 and the prices go up over $1000.


Matco Mattress Store offers different brands, models, sizes and prices. You can choose your mattress from our foam mattresses, innerspring, memory foam, gel foam, hybrid and many more. We always try to keep up with the newest mattress technology.


We have an individually approach to each customers to help them choose the mattress that will best fit their needs.


Matco Mattress Store offers all mattress sizes available at our mattress store –Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King mattresses and mattress sets. You can come in to our store and leave your mattress home or we can deliver for you.


We try to do our best to make our customers happy with their mattress purchase.


We also offer same day delivery!

Our mattress brands from Englander, Solstice, MATCO Mattress, Mantua, Rize, Slumber Shield will give you the opportunity to leave home with the latest sleep innovation that will help you wake up happy. If you need to change your old mattress, at Matco Mattress store you can find mattresses and mattress sets for sale that will help you rest better during the night.


Still not sure what is the perfect mattress match for your sleep?


You can always stop by our mattress store and our friendly associates will help you choose the mattress of your dreams. Besides mattresses we offer beds, bed frames, headboards and bedding. We will help you choose your perfect bedroom mattress set.


We hope we are the mattress store near you!


If not, we are located in a busy area, across Lowes and Wells Fargo on 4302 W Fairfield Dr, Pensacola.


Matco Mattress Store is open, Monday – Saturday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm 

Call us: (850) 741-3850; 


You can check our website and our google page for updated hours of operation of our mattress store.

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