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How to wake up happy?

The way you wake up in the morning is very important, as the whole day depends on the morning mood.


Everybody wants to wake up happy on the mattress and just stay in this mood for the rest of the day.


But, is there a special recipe for waking up happy everyday, you would ask?


I am not sure if there is something that will guarantee you waking up happy everyday, but, for sure, there are some actions you can take to be in a great mood in the morning.


Go early to bed every night!

Going to bed early is important not only for kids, but for adults, as well.


Why is this so important?
Because you need to sleep enough hours per night, so you won’t wake up grumpy and tired.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, these are the hours you need for a good night's sleep:


How to wake up happy?


Adults (26 to 64 years old) 7 – 9 hrs



You need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, in order for your body to be in good mental and physical health. Sleep is a health benefit that is part of our life. It can benefit us if we sleep enough hours and if we don’t it can cause many health issues like weight gain, heart, immune system disturbance etc.


Read books before bed

Reading a book before bed helps us calm down before we fall asleep. This is like kids good night routine, just for adults. Books help us relax and forget about the fact that we are tired and had a tough day. It will also help us fall asleep easier. As when we read a book, imaginary we are in somebody else’s story, not ours. Our brain is focusing on something else and is relaxing.


Don’t eat too much in the evening

Eating too much right before bed can cause stomach ache and a lot of discomfort. You won’t be able to sleep relaxed and comfortable, because you might feel heartburn. Also, eating a full meal before bed might disrupt your sleep. Especially if you are eating fatty foods, a lot of sugary foods and drink a lot of water.


Wake up at the same time everyday

Sleep routine is important for your body, including the weekend. When your body is getting used to go to bed and wake up at the same hour, you won’t feel stressed and you will support your biological clock.



Exercise will help your body relax, before bed. You don’t have to exercise right before bed, you can do it earlier for about 30 minutes every evening.


Bedroom Environment

Keep a quiet environment, dark curtains, a comfy bed where you can lie down and be comfortable. And just keep it simple.


When you wake up in the morning:


  • Smile

  • Go outside

  • Be positive

  • Be grateful

  • Drink your coffee

  • Dream


The most important ONE - Do What Makes You Happy!


Your sleep is crucial for your body and brain. If you want to stay healthy and wake up happy, you need to know that sleep directly affects the quality of your waking up every morning and the quality of your life, in general.


Sleep, wake up happy and dream big!


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