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Wholesale Mattresses For Retailers in Pensacola, Fl

MATCO Mattress Wholesale is your Best Choice!

Since 2008 we have been providing mattresses at a wholesale price to different businesses in Europe. We are still operating our business in Europe and have partners that work with us for many years.


We have earned their trust and are confident that we can be your wholesale mattress company. We will share with you our experience, achievements and results.


Mattresses for retailers in Penacola, Fl
Wholesale Mattress in Pensacola, Fl

Now are proud to be offering best wholesale deals in  Pensacola, Fl, USA. 

We are a local wholesale company that you can contact if you need to buy mattresses in bulk, for your retail store, for your hotel or for any other purposes. We can be your wholesale mattress company in Pensacola that you can trust. We have more than 10 years experience in building trust and relationship with our partners. We can assure you that we will offer the best mattress wholesale experience, mattress quality and the best prices on the market. Mattresses will be delivered in a timely manner and our friendly staff will help you with any questions and requests.


MATCO Mattress is a wholesale company that offers best prices for our partners.

We supply mattresses at a low wholesale price. When we started our own business, our main goal was to create a mattress model that will be affordable for people. We know that this sounds almost impossible, but we did it. And we are still present on the european market with affordable prices and satisfied customers.
We also offer best mattress deals when you buy bulk. Our mattresses are qualitative, affordable and delivered in time. To ensure the quality of our mattresses we have certificates that will guarantee you that our mattresses are the best mattresses for your business. We have mattresses in stock for immediate delivery and we are flexible with your delivery schedule. We know that working with our partners is a commitment and we want to turn it not only into a one time experience, but into a long time partnership.

MATCO Mattress is safe to be used for us and for our planet.

We want to offer not only best prices for our mattresses, but best quality as well. There are many details that matter when you are searching from a mattress, what is it made from, if is handmade, how many layers it has, what fabrics is the mattress made of, what is the cover of the mattress. These and many other questions can be answered by our team of experts that will be glad to meet with you and discuss in detail more aspects that matter to you.
MATCO Mattress doesn’t contain any ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury and other heavy metals. The textiles and fabrics from our mattress are also free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.


We offer wholesale prices when you buy bulk from us.

If you have a renting business, furniture store, hotel, or any other facility that needs bulk mattresses at a good price, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. You can also come to visit our store at 4302 W Fairfield Dr to get more information and to discuss with our friendly staff. Our location is easy to find on a busy street Fairfield Dr and Mobile Hwy, across Lowe's, Ross, Wells Fargo.

Our main goal is to provide to our partners, not only mattresses, but also a trusted partner that will fulfill their business needs.

We want to build a great partnership with each reseller by providing great products at the lowest price.
If you decided to be our wholesale customer, we thank you for your partnership. If you still didn’t decide, we look forward to being your partner soon.
If you wish to become a MATCO Mattress Wholesale dealer feel free to contact us.


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