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The pillow top mattress looks like it has a pillow on the top of the mattress. That is why is called pillow top.


Our customers love the cushioning feeling during their sleep.


It best suits for back and side slippers, and not so much for the stomach sleeper, as it doesn't offer that extra support. 


The padding can be made from foam, memory foam, gel memory foam, latex. It also works as a pain relief potential for joints.


Pillow Top Mattress - Penscola Fl

Most bought mattress type in USA

Pillow Top mattress is one of the most bought mattress type in USA. Everybody loves the comfort that the mattress padding is offering. It feels comfortable, soft and just perfect for a good night sleep. The extra padding on the top of the mattress offers that extra soft support for your body.

Our MATCO Hybrid pillow top innerspring mattress is a great combination of quality materials and body support. The innerspring support and comfort layers for your body to feel relaxed and cozy.

Comfortable, durable and qualitative 

Our MATCO pillow top mattress is made of comfort foam layer and support foam layer.  The padding is made from cotton and the fabric is breathable. All these features make this mattress comfortable, durable and qualitative. 

MATCO Hybrid Pillow Top mattress

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