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About MATCO Mattress Factory and The Stores from Pensacola

Matco Mattress is a family owned business in Europe that specializes in developing and manufacturing mattresses. 

Since 2018, Matco Mattress
expanded locally in Pensacola, Florida, USA.

Matco Mattress logo in Pensacola

In Pensacola, Matco Mattress Pensacola sales own mattress collections, and also is authorized distributor for many US brands like Serta, Simmons Bedding Company, Jamison, Englander & More

Matco Mattress Pensacola is located in the heart of Pensacola, on a busy street Fairfield Dr. and Mobile Hwy, across Lowe's, Ross, Wells Fargo.

You can also find us by searching mattress stores near me to find Matco Mattress Pensacola on the map. We are also happy to serve our neighbors from Gonzalez, Cantonment Fl, Milton FL, Gulf Breeze Fl, Bagdad FL, Navare Fl, Molino Fl and closest cities from Alabama - Lillian Al, Seminole Al, Robertsdale Al, Orange Beach Al, Gulf Shores Al, Foley Al, Mobile Al etc.

Matco Mattress story started long time ago...

We were very young, with no money in our pockets, but with great ideas, positive attitude and enthusiasm. And we also had a great team that worked hard day by day to achieve great results.


MATCO Mattress factory

We started our business by creating interior design and selling all kinds of furniture - office furniture, bunk beds, platform beds, toddler beds, daybeds etc.


Our customers who were buying the furniture from us were complaining about the fact that they are experiencing back pain, have insomnia, can’t share the bed with their partner and all because they could not find the best mattress for their sleep.


We made a research and saw that there were many mattress brands on the market, but most of them had low quality mattresses that won’t last long or good quality mattresses, but huge prices. And we decided to create a mattress model for our customers that will be both qualitative and affordable in price.


The first MATCO Mattress model was made of individually wrapped coils, gel memory foam and couple support foam layers.


The mattress was medium firm and the memory foam adjusts the body no matter what position you take during your sleep. People who have back pain, sleepless nights, insomnia, problems with their joints came and said that their sleep improved since they bought MATCO Mattress.

Since then we started offering not only furniture, but mattresses as well.

We still have moms that are coming to buy mattresses for kids only from MATCO Mattress.


They say that previously they bought a mattress from us for their bunk bed and it lasted a long time. Their child is sleeping comfortably in his bed and since they are expecting a new child they would love to buy another mattress from MATCO Mattress.


Adults say that they do not experience the problem with tossing and turning around when sharing their bed with a partner.

The king size bed make their bedroom look more cozy, warm and beautiful.

MATCO Mattress is the first European Mattress Company that operates in Pensacola, Florida - Matco Mattress Pensacola.


Matco Mattress Pensacola offers quality mattresses at an affordable price. Our mattresses are available for wholesale and retail prices. Our selection of new mattresses can be used for the bunk bed, toddler bed, day bed, platform bed and adjustable bed. Matco Mattress Pensacola offer bedroom sets that include the bed frame, box spring and mattress.


Kids enjoy our Twin mattress and adults have a better sleep with our King size bed.

We are unique, not only for the prices that we offer, but also for the quality of the mattresses. Our MATCO mattresses are designed in Europe and are made from good quality materials.


We created  a mattress model that can suit mostly all sleepers. The comfort is the key factor that drove us to make this model. We want people to sleep relaxed, get rid of insomnia and tiring nights.


MATCO Mattress Pensacola is fortunate to know that our customers like their sleep on our mattress and refer others to buy mattresses from our local store.

The best mattress that you are looking for can change your entire life, including your mood, positive attitude and great beginning of the day. And, of course, this mattress is affordable, as we want people to know that a good quality mattress doesn't have to cost a fortune.


We can offer lower prices on your best mattress because we are a business operated by the owners, we have our own mattresses, we don’t overpay for a fancy showroom.


We have more than 100 mattresses in stock and you don’t have to wait weeks to get your best mattress.


Just visit our store located on 4302 W Fairfield Dr, Pensacola and take your mattress home today. 


All sizes in stock at Matco Mattress Pensacola - Twin mattress, Full mattress, Queen mattress, King mattress. Same day delivery available and you can enjoy sleep on your best mattress.

We are an energetic company who is offering friendly and fun experience for our customers. Our staff is always happy to help you in choosing the best mattress for your sleep.


Our best reward is our customer satisfaction and we are proud of our 5 star Google reviews. We have the best mattress for your bedroom, for the guest room, for the kids room and even for your daybed. Our bedroom set is a beautiful and comfortable addition to your room.
We have more than 10 years experience in bringing happiness, smiles, comfort and rest in people’s houses. We believe that we can make a difference and deliver not just a mattress, but the happiness that comes along with the mattress.



MATCO Mattress Pensacola is offering diversity, friendly staff and great customer service.


Our mattresses are qualitative, affordable, easy to order, and delivered in timely manner.

MATCO mattresses are designed for your entire family to sleep better and rest all night long.

We want to think that we are more than a small local company, we are happy to create local jobs and support others like ourselves to help our local economy.


We want our company to be a positive change for us and for our community, as well.


For more information about our mattresses, cetificates, or delivery time, contact us for more details! 

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