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Mattresses for Kids

Find the best mattress deals for kids in our Pensacola Store

You need a special approach when buying mattresses for your kids.


As your child’s sleep is directly related to his general well-being. Sleep is very important for everybody, but kids need it most, as they are still in the process of developing their body. And we can definitely say that sleep is crucial for kids. If kids are not comfortable on a mattress and they can’t sleep well, this can affect their health. It can even affect their performance in school, their mood, immune system and memory.

This is also not an easy task and can even be challenging, as your child might like different kind of mattress comfort for his/her sleep. There are types of mattresses that are not recommended for kids age and we have to take them into consideration when we are searching for a bed.

Let’s look at what to pay attention when you are thinking to buy a mattress for your child.


Know the mattress size you need to buy

Mattresses come in different sizes and you need to decide what kind of mattress you want to buy for your child. If you already have a bed, then is easier just to buy the same mattress size. But, if you transition your child from the crib to the bed, then you will need to think about the size of the bed you need. It depends what kind of a sleeper is your child too. Most parents when they transition their child from the crib to the bed, they choose the Twin size bed. But, if you know that your child needs more space when sleeping, then you should think about the Twin XL bed. Some customers buy the Full or even Queen size bed for their kids, as they say that their child is turning around all night and they don’t want them to fall off the bed. Of course, you need to have the space in your room to be able to accommodate the Full or Queen size bed.

Choose the right mattress model

The mattress model is important for your child's comfort and sleep. There are mattress models that are not recommended for smaller kids. If you are researching the market is important to pay attention to these details.

The mattresses that are not recommended for kids are those that don’t give enough support for their body. When kids are little they need mattresses that have support layers and are firm for their body. The explanation comes from the fact that if the mattress is too soft, their body will not develop accordingly. Every year they grow they can choose a mattress that is softer for their body. If you have a teenager you don’t have to worry so much about the model and the firmness of the mattress. As when they are teens they can have a softer mattress with memory foam.
The most recommended mattresses for kids are the innerspring mattresses. The innerspring has the right structure and support for the body. The materials from the mattress are also important. You can see if the mattress has cotton and wool to make a better sleep for your child.

Decide on the mattress price

If you decided on the model of the mattress, then you can now decide on your budget and see how much you can afford to spend on a mattress for your child. The mattresses vary in price, from the model you choose and the size. The smaller the size, the cheaper the price. Also, the simpler is the core of the mattress, the cheaper is the price. The innerspring and memory foam mattresses are the most expensive and the most recommended for the kids.

Research on the mattress firmness

Mattress firmness is the key factor for choosing the Twin mattress for your toddler bed. The mattress has to be firm enough for your child. And this is important for his health, his development and his well being in general. Soft and plush mattresses are not recommended for toddlers.The correct position while your child is asleep is crucial for him. Try a mattress that is firm and comfortable for your child’s sleep and you will have a perfect toddler bed.

Think about the mattress durability

Kids like to jump on the mattress, to play on it, not only to sleep on it. Mattress durability can be shorter if your child is more active and uses the mattress for other activities than sleeping. You also don’t want the mattress to be sagging in a short period of time.

Waterproof mattress

Many parents ask if the mattress cover is waterproof or if it can be washed. The mattress cleanliness can be challenging when the kids are still little. But, the best option is still having the waterproof cover for the mattress. In this way you can wash it and your mattress will always be clean.

Consider the foundation

The foundation can be a good option for your child if you have a low bed frame. Or, if you just want the box spring, metal frame and the mattress on top, so you can have a toddler bed.

The most bought mattresses for children are the Twin mattresses. If you need the best mattress for your child’s toddler bed, the Twin mattress that is made of innerspring,  has a strong core support, is firm and has breathable materials is the best choice for your child. If you have bunk beds than Twin mattresses are also a great choice for your bed. No matter the size of the mattress you want to choose for your child  - Twin mattress, Twin XL mattress or even a Full mattress, is important to keep in mind that a mattress is not only a piece of your bed. It is also responsible for the rest of your child, for his comfort and his overall health.

At MATCO Mattress store located in Pensacola you can find a good selection of Twin and Full mattresses starting from mattresses made from foam, innerspring, pillow top and euro top mattresses. We can advise you on the best mattress set for your toddler bed.


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