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Do You Have Any Questions about MATCO MATTRESS?

mattress questions - Pensacola, Fl
  • Can I know a little more about MATCO Mattress?
    MATCO Mattress is a wholesale company that has the most affordable mattresses. We give you the price that you can pay and be satisfied with our products. Our mattresses are CertiPur-US and Eco-Tex Certified to ensure that you sleep on the best mattress that you ever dreamed off. You can order the mattress online and get it right at your door with free shipping. Or you can come at our store and take it home with you. The mattress comes in a box and it’s easy to set it up. Our customers enjoy their sleep on our mattress. The reviews they left say that they are happy with their buy and will definitely recommend us to their friends and family.
  • Can I come to the store and see the mattress?
    You can come and check our mattresses at our store located on 4302 W Fairfield Dr, Pensacola Florida, 32505.
  • Can I buy MATCO Mattress online?
    You can buy our mattresses online. We have an online storewhere you can choose our products and pay for it. Just add our products to your cart and choose the payment method that you want. We offer free shipping and you will get the mattress at your door.
  • What is the price for shipping when buying online?
    We offer Free shipping in USA for mattresses in a box and Free delivery in Pensacola only for qualify mattresses. Non-qualify products, we will charge for delivery depending of zip code. There will be additional costs for shipping in Alaska and Hawaii, and additional costs for local delivery for non-qualify products.
  • When will my mattress be shipped?
    MATCO Mattress ships to you by UPS. The standard delivery of your MATCO Mattress takes about 2-3 business days to arrive since your order was shipped.
  • Why is MATCO Mattress price less than other competitors, but still of a great quality?
    We are happy to know that our customers love our products. But, the most important thing is that they can afford our mattresses. We are a wholesale company and we sell directly to you. We can exclude many expenses that other companies can’t do it. We are proud to offer a quality mattress that doesn’t cost a fortune. This is really possible. And our goal is for everybody to have a luxury sleep that they deserve, for less money.
  • What is Hybrid MATCO Mattress Euro Top 13 inches made of?
    This model is made of Pocket Spring – 25 cm – 2.0 mm and Gel Memory Foam. The units of pocketed coils in the Queen size are 690 units, and in the King size are 870 units. It has three layers of foam. One layer of support soft foam high density of 4 cm, another layer of quilted comfort foam – 3 cm, and the layer of gel memory foam – 1 cm. The fabric is knitted, breathable, thick, non-woven. The white padding is made of cotton.
  • Is MATCO Mattress CertiPUR-US Certified
    This certificate indicates that the foam from our mattress was tested, is safe to be used, and has no harmful substances. The foam from MATCO Mattress makes you feel good and enjoy the sleep all night long. When you buy our mattresses you need to know that they contain certified foam and you can be confident that the foam inside meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability. MATCO Mattress foam: Made without ozone depletersOzone’s presence has an important role in our atmosphere, where is being seen as a shield from the sun’s radiant energy. Not in all parts of the world, CFCs are banned, and they can still be used to manufacture foam. But, the important thing is that CertiPUR-US label prohibits the use of any CFCs, or other ozone depleters. Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP ("Tris") flame retardants. The PBDEs were effectively banned in the U.S.A. in 2005. TDCPP or TCEP are among the retardants that were named to be causing cancer, genetic defects, or even, can damage fertility. This is why is very important that any mattress to be tested and have the no harmful retardants. Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metalsHeavy metals can be found in food, as mercury in fish, or even in home, as lead paint in children’s toys. This is a real concern for everybody. CertiPUR-US laboratory testing is capable of detecting even trace amounts of heavy metal content. Made without formaldehydeFormaldehyde it’s a cause of poor indoor air quality, that’s why it hasn’t been used as a raw material in foam. CertiPUR-US certifies that the foam has no formaldehyde. Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety CommissionIn 2009 was banned the use of seven specific phthalates for use in children’s toy and child care items. CertiPUR-US prohibits the use of phthalates in all CertiPUR-US certified foams.
  • Is MATCO Mattress STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certified?
    Yes, MATCO Mattress is proud to have not only CertiPur-US, but also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This certification is worldwide known for testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.
  • What is the height of the MATCO Mattress?
    We offer 10 inches mattresses and 13 inches mattress thick. Just choose the model that best suits you.
  • What is Hybrid MATCO Mattress Pillow Top 10 inches made of?
    This model is made from Bonnell Spring – 18 cm – 2.4 mm. The number of units in Queen size is 390 units and in King size 494 units. There are 2 layers of foam. One layer of quilted comfort foam – 3 cm, and another layer of supportive foam – 4 cm. The fabric is knitted, breathable, thick, non-woven. The padding is made of cotton. It also made of 3 sealed borders Pillow Top.
  • Is MATCO Mattress supportive?
    MATCO Mattress will give you the support you need. On a scale from 1-10, we rate our mattress being on 6 (1 extremely soft and 10 very hard). Our comfort layers will give you the firmness that you need, and in the same time will offer that cozy comfort for a relaxing night sleep.
  • Will MATCO Mattress-in-box have any kind of odor?
    Our mattresses are made from quality materials. Therefore there should not be any kind of odor. If you feel any smell when opening the box that smell is because the mattress was vacuum packed and it will go away very quick.
  • In how long will MATCO Mattress expand?
    Our mattresses are professionally packed, wrapped in plastic, machine compressed, and rolled for easy and convenient shipping. The mattress will expand in just couple minutes. But, it can take 4-8 hours for the mattress to fully expand to its size, up to 24 hours. The mattress needs to regain its full shape.
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