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One ingredient that will clean your mattress

Once in a while we need to clean our mattress.

In time, the mattress that we sleep on, every night, may develop smell, stains, dust mites.

We want to make sure that our mattress stays clean and fresh.


If you have small kids or pets, it is recommended to clean the mattress more often.


As the chances are bigger that your mattress can have stains on it.


There are many ways and solutions to clean a mattress.


But, today, we want to talk about one special ingredient that will help clean your mattress in couple minutes.


Baking soda is the ingredient that will make your mattress look better. We like to use baking soda, as this is a cheap and natural way to clean your mattress.


How to use baking soda on your mattress?


1. Sprinkle the baking soda 


You can sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress. After that you can try rub it with your fingers or with a brush. This will help take out all the sweat and our body smell, that accumulated over time. 


2. Let the baking soda absorb the odor for couple minutes 


You can leave the baking soda on the mattress for 10 minutes or up to an hour, until getting to the next step. This will give the mattress a fresh look and will also deodorize the mattress.

How clean the mattress - Pensacola, Fl

3. Vacuum the mattress


After you left the mattress to air out, you can start vacuum it. This will take out all the dust, hair, and odor from the mattress. You will need to vacuum the mattress more than once, to be able to clean the mattress.


If you have stains in the mattress like blood, urine, and other type of stains, you will need something stronger to remove those stains. You can use baking soda and vinegar, to remove the above mentioned stains. 


All you need to so is to poor some water into the mattress stain, sprinkle some baking soda and rub it into the mattress, let it dry. After that, you can vacuum the baking soda and spray the diluted vinegar with water.  


It is also important to invest in a good mattress protector. As this will help keep your mattress clean and fresh for longer.

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