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How to know if you are buying a healthy mattress?

When we are starting to look for a new mattress, we are searching not only for a mattress to sleep on.


We are looking for a mattress that will give us the solution to our problems.


Either we need a solution for:

Sleepless nights

More comfort

Back pain


A good quality mattress can solve most of this problems, or can make you feel much better after a comfortable night sleep.

How can you choose a quality mattress?
Now the market is full of different brands of mattresses, different model, different quality, and, of course, different prices. So, which one to choose from and at what to pay attention?

Mattress foam tuch

Quality Certificates

There are couple certificates that are very important in the world of mattresses. These certificates state that the quality of the mattress is good. They don’t contain any harmful substances. One of the most important certificates are CertiPur and Oeko-Tex. They certify that the foam and the textiles used in the mattress are of a good quality, and don’t have any toxic substances. There are many other certified organic products, that, as well, are very important and useful when you are opting for a healthy mattress.


If you want to buy a mattress of a good quality, pay attention at the certificates they offer. As, a lot of big and well known mattress brands don’t have any certificates. And they cost a lot of money. You pay thousand dollars for a mattress that can be harmful for your health. It can cause skin irritation and even respiratory problems.


Most mattresses include foam in it. But, the foam has good and bad sides. The bad one is that it may have toxins in it that are bad for your health. And, can have a lot of side effects. This is the reason why the mattress certificates are so important, when buying a mattress.


MATCO MATTRESS offers good quality mattresses that have both CertiPur and Oeko-Tex Certificates. If you have any questions about our products don’t hesitate to call or visit our store in Pensacola.


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