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Mattresses for Seniors

When we age we all have problems with our sleep.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, you are not alone. When we are in the seniors year we might encounter difficulties in falling asleep, waking up too early or waking up too many times during the night

Most common seniors have sleep disorders related to:

Breathing Disorder while sleeping
Restless legs Syndrome
REM sleep disorder
Back pain

Sleep disorder is difficult to cure in seniors and you can go to the doctor and see what he is recommending for your sleep problems. You also have to speak with your spouse and understand your sleeping habits during the night, so the doctor has more information and be able to prescribe the right medication, if needed.

Most times the apnea, that is a very common sleep disorder in eldery does not have to be cured with medications. You can just find the right routine behavioural during the day and before bedtime that will work for you.


Mattresses for seniors in Pensacola, Fl

Exercise more
No caffeine before bed
Take a bath
Read a book
Don’t smoke in the bedroom
Avoid as much as possible the afternoon nap

Some of these tips might help you in building a healthy good night routine for a better night sleep.

When it comes to sleeping disorders you pay attention to a lot of the details from your house and especially from your bedroom. You need a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, so you can fall asleep quick and have no disturbance. It is also recommended not to have too many devices in your room like TV, iPad, phone.

When it comes to your bedroom bed, you know that you have to pay close attention to the bed you are sleeping, starting from the design, color and comfort. You need your bed to give you comfort vibes, so you can relax and fall asleep. Here it comes the role of the mattress in your life. You need to find the best mattress for your sleep that will not only help you fall asleep, but it will also help you suit your back pain and pressure pain. Your mattress can solve some, if not all of your sleeping disorder, if you know how to choose a mattress with the right features for your body.

Let’s explore what are the best mattress types for seniors.

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Seniors often have problems with their body temperature and feel that sometimes they are either too cold or too warm. The gel memory foam mattress has the feature to give seniors cooler sleep. It can also give you the feature of pressure relief, which is very important for your body. As seniors encounter chronic pain, the pressure relief feature comes as a helping hand to relieve the body pain. The memory foam adjusts to the body and the gel layer helps with the body temperature.


And your body will not be sagging into the mattress!

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are recommended for seniors as these mattresses will offer a better goodnight’s sleep. Innerspring coils provide a strong support layer for the mattress. If you like a mattress that has a good support system, then you should definitely try the innerspring mattresses, especially those who have the individually wrapped coils.

Why are the innerspring mattresses a good fit for most seniors?

Stronger edge support. The edge of the mattress makes it easier for seniors to get in and out of the bed. When you feel pain in your back and have problems with your artritis, the innerspring mattresses make it a little easier for you.
Not sagging like other mattresses.
You can sleep cooler with innerspring mattresses. The innerspring layer creates air flow and the mattress is breathable.  

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are recommended for eldery people, because they are made, at least, from two types of materials. One support layer and the top layer. You can choose the mattress combination that you like the most. It can be innerspring mattress and memory foam, innerspring mattress and gel memory foam, innerspring mattress and foam.
Senior mattresses by size:

Full size mattress

Full mattresses are good for seniors that sleep alone or don’t have much space in their bedroom to accommodate a larger bed. If you share your bed with your partner, this bed size is not an option. You will have little to no space left in your full size bed. We would not recommend the Full bed for your bedroom, unless you really have no space in your room. When you feel that you don’t have enough space in your bed you can’t relax and enjoy your sleep. With the Full size bed is a little difficult to enjoy a good night's sleep, as you will not have so much room left.

Queen size mattress

Queen mattresses are very commonly used for senior. The reason seniors like this bed is because it is an affordable price and you can still share it with your partner, child, grandchild or pet. Most seniors like to sleep alone in the Queen size mattress as you want to feel comfortable and have more space for you. When we age we feel that we can’t sleep on a small size mattress - Twin mattress, Twin XL mattress or Full mattress. We need a larger mattress where you don’t have to worry about turning and tossing around.

King size mattress

King size mattresses are one of the best options for seniors, especially for those who have a spouse. If you like to sleep on a large bedroom bed and have enough space to turn around the King size bedroom is your best choice.

From what we analyzed, we can definitely say that when an eldery person wants to buy a mattress he has to pay attention to more than one criteria that makes a best mattress for seniors.

Pain relieve
Pressure relieve
Support layer
Edge support

When you are in your 60’s you know that your bedroom bed is not a toy. It has to give you comfort, support and a good night's sleep. Even if you wake up repeatedly during the night and wake up very early in the morning, you need to have a bed where you enjoy sleeping and relaxing. You might have back pain or neck pain and that is why a good support mattress can help you soothe your pain. Your shoulder, hips and heels are the one that can also give you pain. And if you have a mattress made from a top memory foam layer, it will help you contour to your entire body and your pressure points.   

The firmness of the mattress you choose can help you understand if you feel better on this mattress. Usually, most of the mattresses recommended for senior are medium firm mattresses. We would not recommend a very soft mattress. The perfect firmness for your body is decided only by the way you are feeling on this mattress. You can always come try MATCO Mattresses in our Pensacola store.

Our best bought mattresses for seniors are pillow top mattresses with innerspring support layer and mattresses made from gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils.



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