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4 tips to arrange your bedroom

Our bedroom is the place where we sleep, relax and just enjoy our time after a long day of work.

The design of this room is very important for us, as we spend a lot of time in it.

That is why when we decide to remodel or furniture this special room, we think about what we want to see in this room.

The objects that will make us feel happy, the colors that will make us feel relaxed, and not the last, the bed that will make us feel comfy and fluffy.

Color of the bedroom

This is the first thing we think about when we want to remodel our bedroom.

The bedroom colors are usually light and bright.

These colors are best for small bedrooms, as it makes the bedroom look larger. Also, light colors give you the calm that you need for a goodnight sleep. Most used bedroom colors are soft grey, neutral grey, icy blue, lavender.


Bedroom - mattress decor

Bedroom bed


Since the main piece of the furniture from the bedroom is the bed, let’s see what is the best position of the bedroom bed. The bed should be placed against the main wall of the room. And your legs should be facing the door. The most used beds for the bedroom is the Queen size mattress. Some people like to have the King size mattress, if they have enough space.




The curtains are very important, especially here in Pensacola. As, the sun shines bright, we need special curtains in order to be able to sleep longer. Especially, in weekends, we need that couple more minutes of sleep. And, the curtains, can help us rest longer.


Bedroom Energy


For everybody the bedroom energy comes from different things. That is why, is important to decorate the bedroom with the objects that bring us the energy we need. Either a mirror, a special picture, a vase, a flower bouquet. Or some other special items that you want in your bedroom.


Arranging your bedroom is not an easy task, but, the result is the most important. As, you design your bedroom for couple years and you want to make sure that it will look exactly how you want.

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