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Mattresses & body aches

Can a mattress cause body aches?

The answer is yes!

The reasons a mattress causes body aches can be different.

Can a mattress cause body aches?
Can a mattress cause body aches?

  • Old mattresses causes back aches

An old mattress means that you have it for a long time and it needs an upgrade. The lifespan of a mattress is from 3 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the mattress. If you feel pain when you sleep - is time to change your mattress.

  • Brand new mattresses & back pain

A brand new mattress can be uncomfortable too. Before buying a brand new mattress make sure what is the firmness of the mattress you like. The firmness of the mattress is the key to a healthy and peaceful night. Choose a firmness that your back will be comfortable while asleep.

Encountering back aches while sleeping?

Get a quality mattress that will maintain your spinal alignment & will relieve your back pain. Many mattress models to choose from - gel memory foam, individually wrapped coils, foam encased, hybrid.

Testing your mattress at the store is a must when you are having back problems while you are asleep. Take couple minutes to lay down on the mattress and see how your whole body reacts.

If your back likes softer surfaces try the memory foam mattresses. If your body sleeps hot go with a gel foam mattress that will cool your body during the night.

If you like harder support for your body, go with a firm mattress and you won’t get it wrong.

Matco Mattress has a large variety of mattresses that will help you get rid of the body aches. Our team is here to listen to your mattress needs.

When you are ready for a mattress upgrade, come to Matco Mattress store in Pensacola and get those unbeatable deals & discounts.


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