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Firm vs Soft Mattress

The mattress firmness comes in firm, medium firm, soft, extra soft.

Determining what firmness level to choose in a mattress depends on many factors. Sleeping position, spine alignment, spine support.

And, not the last, how comfortable are you on a firm or soft mattress.

Firm vs Soft Mattress in Pensacola, Fl
Firm vs Soft Mattress

Firmness level of a mattress is different for every body. One mattress model that is considered firm from the factory is seen as very firm to very soft by customers.

That is why we recommend to every customer to see how they feel on the mattress, before taking the decision of the firmness level.

Let’s explore the differences between Firm vs Soft mattresses.

Comfort level

Firm mattress

Firm mattresses feel more rigid on top. Your spine will be in the right position and you won’t have that feeling of a mattress that is bending when you lie down.

Soft mattress

Soft mattresses, on the other side, can offer you that cushion feeling you were looking for. It will feel comfortable, fluffy, soft and go in the direction of your body.

Sleeping position

Firm mattress

Stomach sleepers and those who don’t like the sink in feeling of a mattress go with a firm mattress.

Soft mattress

Side sleepers who like that soft touch and the feeling of the mattress adjusting to the body like the soft mattresses.

Spinal Alignment

Spinal alignment is the crucial difference between these 2 firmness levels.

Firm mattress

In the firm mattress your body stays in the correct spine alignment. The body has good support and the bones have the resistance they require for a good night sleep.

Soft mattress

Soft mattresses are better for pressure relief, cushion and body adjustment. It still has good support for your body.

Who will benefit more from firm mattresses?
  • Hot sleepers

  • Big people

  • Stomach sleepers

Best firm mattresses

Dortmund Firm mattress in Pensacola, Florida

Harlow firm mattress in Pensacola, Florida

Mattress - Medium firm Shelton

Who will like more soft mattresses?

  • Couples

  • Side sleepers

  • Customers who need pain relief

Best soft mattresses

Soft mattress by serta in Pensacola

Soft mattress Euro top - made by Serta

Soft mattress - Cool sleep mattress


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