Adjustable Bed "Rize Tranquility II" in store - Pensacola, Fl

Adjustable Bed "Rize Tranquility II"

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  • Remote control for your convenience

  • Programmable remote settings

  • Better lift capacity for up to 850 lb. per base

  • Availability for pre-programmed zero gravity position

  • Zero-clearance design: works perfect on top of a platform or pedestal bed


Tranquility II Adjustable Base is a modern base with many features for your comfortable sleep. This adjustable base is an economical model that can make your life easier. So many people are looking for an adjustable base that can help them relax in bed. Now this is possible with 70 degrees of movement for a perfect body position. You can enjoy the remote control that is programmable for your own settings. You can also move the position of the head and foot for better sleep and for a healthy position.

The best thing is that you can insert this adjustable base on top of a platform or pedestal bed. 

Full features of the adjustable base:

Easy to  carry

The adjustable base is easy to carry around, as it is not extremely heavy.

6 legs for support

The 6 legs give this adjustable base a great support for your body.

Zero gravity position

It feels good to be in the zero gravity position. You feel weightless and this position improves your back pain.

Zero clearance

Your adjustable base can be a good fit for mostly any platform bed.

Flashlight remote

Your remote has light in it and you can use it when you need to find something in the dark.

Battery backup

Great feature when you have no electricity. No worries, with the battery backup system you can go back to your initial position in no time.


It fits mostly any headboard and rail systems.

Programmable positions

Set your favorite position in the setting and you can always use it. 


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