The Clarity II Adjustable Base has so many features that you will enjoy while you rest in your bed. The best feature is the massage and anti-snore position. Most customers buy this model because of these great features. 


Clarity II Adjustable base has  5 pre- programmed positions - flat, anti snore, incline, leisure, zero gravity.


Save your favorite position in your setting and enjoy your relaxation time on this comfortable adjustable base.


It fits mostly every headboard, footboard, rail systems.


It has a voice control system, light under bed, adjustable legs, dual usb port and even battery backup system.

Adjustable Base "Rize Clarity II"

$1,099.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
  • Save your favorite adjustable bed position.

    This adjustable base has features that you will love. Just save your favorite position from the settings and you don’t have to worry which button you have to press to find your position.

    Height adjustable legs

    Adjust the legs of the adjustable base as you like - higher or lower. You can go from 13 inches to 19 inches height.

    Voice powered mobile app

    Use your voice to manage your mobile device. 

    Anti-snore position

    This position is helping you sleep better, if you are experiencing problems with your breathing. Just raise the position of the head on the anti-snore position and you will feel how your sleep will improve. The anti-snore position opens the airways and reduces snoring.

    Zero gravity position

    You just feel lighter as it reduces your back pain and improves your blood flow.

    Incline position

    This is the best position to relax, read a book, work in bed or just watch something on TV.

    Lift Capacity

    Up to 850 lb. per base.

    Leisure lounge 

    In this position you raise only the head so you can watch TV, read something or just drink your coffee in bed.

    Therapeutic massage

    Massage helps you get the stress out when you are coming tired from work or just need a couple minutes of relaxation.

    Zero clearance

    You don’t have to get rid of your favorite bed. Just take off the legs from the adjustable base and set it on your platform bed.

    Dual USB outlets

    You can charge your phone, plug your favorite radio on.

    Under bed light

    If you need some light in your room, you can get the light under your bed. 

    Battery backup

    No worries about your batteries, even during a complete outrage you can still get your bed in the initial position with the battery back up system.

    Adjustable headboard brackets

    Available for extra cost. The headboards make it easy to adjust your headboard to the adjustable base.


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