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Sleep better & wake up happy

Nowadays, so much stress is disturbing our sleep. How to handle it and have a restful night?

What is the secret of a perfect sleep?

First start with your bedroom. This is the place where you sleep. It should be the way you like it, to give you calm vibes and want to relax.

Sleep better & wake up happy - Matco Mattress Pensacola, Florida.

Bedroom bed

Your bed should be a perfect size for the room you have. Take measurements to make sure that the size of your bed is going to fit in your bedroom. You can choose from the King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin XL bed. A small room can accommodate a smaller size - Twin, Twin XL, Full. In a larger room you can fit Queen, King, California King beds.


Your mattress is more important than the bed frame. As the bed is responsible for the beauty of your room. The mattress takes care of your health. The right firmness of your mattress will make a big difference for your sleep. Straight spine during sleep is crucial.

Comfy mattresses make a huge difference in your sleep. Find the right mattress firmness and you sleep like a lamb all night long.

Mattresses come in different sizes - Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. If you already have the bed frame size for your room, it is easy to get the same size for the mattress. If not, just make sure to get the right mattress set for your bedroom.


Too many accessories in your room will make it disorganized. Get only those accessories that you really need. A lamp for helping you read before night time. Or some beautiful flowers that will make your room look fresh.

Before buying the bed frame and mattress, make sure you will have extra space in the room for the accessories you want.


Light colors make you calm down and sleep better. The color of your walls also make a difference. Darker colors will make it more difficult to fall asleep.


Turn off your devices before bedtime. And put the to charge in another room. Not in your bedroom. That will help you fall asleep right away. Nothing will disturb your sleep, not even one notification.

Sleep routine

Probably the key factor for a good sleep is the routine you have before bed. Get your good night routine every day. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Your body will get used to the daily routine. You will sleep better and wake up happy every day.

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