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Queen hybrid mattresses

Queen hybrid mattresses are the most bought mattresses in Pensacola, Florida.

The reason is that hybrid mattresses are multi-layer beds. It is made from a combination of 2 or more support cores.

These layers can be made of foam, innerspring, memory foam, latex. It all depends on the customer’s preferences.

Queen hybrid mattress - Hybrid mattress
Queen hybrid mattress - Hybrid mattress

Queen hybrid mattresses are offering good support and comfort.

The perfect queen hybrid combination for some customers is individually wrapped coils and memory foam.

This option gives you a good support layer by having pocketed coils. The memory foam offers comfy sleep as it adjusts to your body and helps with pressure relief.

Queen hybrid mattresses by comfort ca be:

  • Plush

  • Pillow top

  • Euro Top

Queen hybrid mattresses by support core:

  • Innerspring

  • Individually wrapped coils

  • Foam

Hybrid mattresses can take good care of your spine alignment. It can relax your muscles and ligaments. This will help your back pain feel better.

What is inside my mattress?
What is inside my mattress?

Queen hybrid mattresses are good for:

  • Pressure relief

  • Active support

  • Spine alignment

Get your queen hybrid mattress today at a special price at our mattress & furniture store in Pensacola, Florida.


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