King size mattress "Beauty" 4 inch foam avaialble in MATCO Mattress store - Pensacola, Fl.


Support Core

Mattress Height
4 inches

Box Spring
Can be bought together with the box spring or separately

Mattress Layer
Support foam


Light weight

Smooth Plaid Printed Cover gives this mattress model a nice look. People who like firm mattresses, no coils and affordable price buy this King 4 inches mattress for their bedroom bed. Also, many people buy this King mattress for their boat bed, as it is easy to fit in. It can be easily bent and can fit mainly everywhere. Some customers who don’t like a tall mattress said this mattress is perfect for their bed. Is firm for their back pain and is only 4 inches for them to get in and get up from the bed.

King size mattress "Beauty" 4"