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Feeling tired when you wake up in the morning?

Why my mattress is uncomfortable?

Feeling tired when you wake up every morning?

Take the time to see the cause of your pain. Most likely the main reason for your spine ache is your mattress.

The comfort level of your mattress is breaking down. That puts pressure on your joints and causes pain.

Why are you feeling tired when you wake up ?

Signs of an uncomfortable mattress

Pain in your body

Pain in your joints and spine is a sign that you have an uncomfortable mattress. The upper comfort layer if the mattress is damaged and causes pain in your body.

Mattress Sagging

Over time mattresses start to sag. Depending on the level of the sagging you can decide to replace your mattress or try to do something to fix it.

Sleepless nights

Sleeping poor or waking up many times during the night, is a sign of a bad mattress. Tossing and turning around in your bed and not able to fall asleep is a sign that you need to buy a brand new mattress.

No mattress support

Your mattress does not have good support. The box spring under your mattress might be broken or old. Having a platform bed, your slats might need some adjustments.

Why is your mattress uncomfortable?

Mattress age

If you have a very old mattress, is time to change it and buy a brand new one. The lifespan of a mattress is from 3 to 10 years, depending in the mattress model you have. Having an old mattress can cause sleepless nights and pain.

Dust mites

Dust mites can be on your mattress, without your even realizing it. If you have allergies from dust, you will sneeze a lot. You might have watery eyes and runny nose. A mattress protector can help keep the dust mites away from your bed.

Uncomfortable mattresses can disturb the quality of your sleep and life. Feeling sleepy and nervous when you wake up is the first sign that you need a brand new mattress today.

Stop by our mattress and furniture store in Pensacola and we will guide you on your brand new mattress purchase.

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