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Sleep awareness month

March is the month for sleep awareness.

The month when we all meditate on our sleep habits. The most important thing is to search for ways to improve our sleep.

The sleep awareness is being celebrated all over the world.

Sleep and health are connected. Specialist say that if you sleep enough, you even eat less food and loose more calories than people who are on a diet.

Sleep awareness month - USA - Pensacola, Florida
Sleep awareness month in Pensacola, Florida

Our sleep is the path to a healthy life. In the sleep awareness month we should think more if we have enough sleep and if we need to make some changes that affect our sleep.

From our sleep depends our well being. That is why in march we should rethink our sleeping habits.

How to improve your sleep habits?

  • Sleep friendly décor for bedroom

  • Comfortable mattress

  • Light furniture colors

  • Soft beddings

  • Cool touch pillow

At Matco Mattress we can help you get the sleep you need with a new furniture and mattress set.

If your back is soar when you sleep - is time to change your mattress.

A brand new mattress set can make a huge difference for your body.

Let your body recharge and get the sleep it needs to function well for the rest of your day.

Visit Matco Mattress store in Pensacola and sleep better starting today.


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