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RV mattresses are special sizes?

RV mattresses come in different sizes, depending on the RV model you have.

Some RV’s can accommodate a regular mattress size like king, queen or full.

Others just need to be customized.

Size for RV Mattresses - mattresses for RV in Pensacola, Fl

In general RV mattresses have different sizes than a standard mattress. They are shorter and more narrow than a mattress that you use for your bedroom.

RV Mattress Sizes Explained

RV Mattress Size Dimensions (Width x Length)

  • RV Bunk Mattress - 28” x 75”; 30” x 75”; 30” x 80”; 34” x 75”; 35” x 79”.

  • RV Full - 53” x 75”; 54” x 75”; 55” x 75.

  • Three-Quarter RV - 48” x 75”; 48” x 80”.

  • RV Short Queen - 60” x 74”; 60” x 75”.

Can you order a standard mattress for RV?

The answer is yes. But, first, measure your RV bed to make sure it is the right size. If you can fit a queen, king or double mattress in your RV than you can choose any mattress model you want. Pillow top, hybrid, memory foam, encased, innerspring, cool touch.

What to do if you have a special RV mattress size?

Shopping for a standard mattress size is much easier than for a special RV size. Not all stores sell RV mattresses in different sizes. You will need to do some research before finding the store that has or can order RV mattresses.

The RV mattress size can range from 75 inch to 79 inch long. And, 28-35 inches wide.

Our mattress & furniture store in Pensacola offers couple RV mattress sizes. Stop by our store to check our stocks.

Check our RV Mattress inventory in store at (850) 741-3850

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