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4 most popular sofa styles 2023

There is a long list of sofa models for your living room taste.

Sofas can be categorized by model, color, size, function, shape, arms.

The style from traditional to modern, depending on your interior design and your preferences.

4 most popular sofa styles 2023 in Pensacola, Florida

Let’s explore 4 most popular sofa trends in Pensacola, Florida:

Traditional style sofa

One of the most popular sofa styles is the traditional one. It come in four piece set - sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. It can be made of different materials. Most used is leather and fabrics.

Sofa traditional style - Pensacola, Matco Mattress store

Reclining sofa

Reclining sofas are in trend for commodity and useful features. The sofa reclines and it gives you more comfort to watch TV or just read a book in your living room. Most of the reclining sofas have special space for cup holders and a center console where you can store the remote control.

Reclining sofa available at Matco Mattress in Pensacola, Fl

Sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are very popular, especially among families with kids. You have space for every member of the family to rest on a sectional sofa. It is made of couple pieces that can be matched to fit your space. Your living room will be ready for friends and family over with a practical and comfortable sectional.

Sectional sofa available at Matco Mattress in Pensacola, Fl

Modern sofa

Modern sofas are minimalist and sophisticated. It is also full of color, yet very simple. It will fit perfectly with your modern interior design. High quality materials and modern features are integrated in the modern sofa.

Modern sofa available in Pensacola at Matco

Get your sofa in leather or soft touch materials for a great look.

What sofa style will best suit your needs?
Not sure yet?

Visit our store in Pensacola and we will advise you on sofa styles, colors, materials and designs.

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