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Guest room mattress

What is a guest room mattress?

The mattress that you want to use for your spare room is called a guest room mattress.

What kind of mattress to choose for the guest room?

What kind of mattress to choose for the guest room?
What kind of mattress to choose for the guest room?

The best guest room mattress is a comfy mattress for your guests.

Our clients always joke saying "they are looking for a comfy mattress for their guest room, but not too comfortable so they don’t stay long".

Some customers have preferences on the mattress firmness, as they know what kind of mattress their guests like. Others go by budget when buying a guest room mattress.

What is the perfect mattress size for the guest room?

Depending on who is using your guest bedroom more, you can decide on the mattress size you want to chose. If your extra bedroom will be used more for kids, you can go with a twin or full size mattress. If you have couples over you will be fine with a queen or king bed.

People tend to go with smaller bed sizes for their guest bedroom. It will have room for other furniture pieces.

And it will not take a lot of space in the room, as is not going to be used every day. Most of our customers go with the full and queen size mattress. Rarely they go with a king size bed frame and mattress.

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