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What to consider before buying a new mattress?

There are so many important things to consider before buying a brand new mattress.

You want to make sure you are getting the right mattress for your sleep.

Pensacola, Fl - right mattress for your sleep.
Pensacola, Fl - right mattress for your sleep.

Mattress size

Measure your room to see what bed size you can fit in the room. You will need a bed frame and some extra furniture like dresser, chest, night stand & mirror. When you decide what furniture pieces you need into your bedroom you are ready for mattress shopping.

Mattress Comfort

The way you rest during your sleep depends on your mattress. We all need a comfortable mattress that will make us sleep like on a cloud. But, we have to remember that comfort is different for all of us. Find your comfort by choosing the right mattress for you.

Mattress firmness

If you know your mattress firmness is easier to find your brand new mattress. If you don’t, no problem. We will guide you through the mattress firmness process. Firm, medium firm and soft mattresses.

Some people like more firm mattresses, others more soft. It doesn’t mean that firmer mattresses are better than softer.

It matters what firmness you like. And how comfortable you feel on that firmness.

Mattress models

There are so many mattress models. Different material combinations make a mattress special. Plush, pillow top, euro top, adjustable friendly, hybrid, gel memory foam, encased, pocketed coils.

Get the best mattress model for your sleep at our mattress store in Pensacola.

Test your mattress

Depending on the mattress firmness you like, always test your mattress. By testing your mattress you feel more confident that you bought the mattress model & firmness you like. The firmness labels are not always accurate. And, your body might feel different on mattress models.

Mattress prices

Analyze your budget before starting to shop for a brand new mattress. When you go to a store they will show you all the mattress models you have. But, you need to have an average price that you can spend on a mattress.

Buying a brand new mattress is a great step to upgrade your sleep. Your rest can be taken at the next level with a comfortable brand new mattress. Don’t waste time by sleeping on a old mattress that is uncomfortable & saggy.