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Best mattresses for children

In search of mattresses for your children in Pensacola, Fl?

Not sure with what size and model to go. Kids grow up very fast, you don’t want to spend a fortune on their mattresses.

At the same time, you want to make the right mattress decision and get the best mattresses for your child’s comfortable sleep.

Best mattresses for children in Pensacola, Fl

The size of the mattress you want to choose depends on the space you have in the child’s bedroom.

If you have a small room you can go with a twin size mattress or full size mattress.

If you want to accommodate siblings in the same room, then you might want to go with a bunk bed, twin over twin or full over twin.

If you decide with the kids mattress sizes, you can now visit a local mattress store and see all the options and models they have in stock.

Matco Mattress offers many comfortable and affordable mattresses for children. Best mattresses for children in our mattress and furniture store in Pensacola. Your child will love these models and will sleep comfy all night long.

Olivia Euro top hybrid mattress

This mattress model offers great support and comfort. Is made of heavy duty coils for a strong support. The euro top mattress gives a soft touch and comfy sleep. Kids love this model as they feel good on it when they lie down. Parents like this mattress model, because it is cost efficient.

Serta Lux Armisted Plush Eurotop

Serta Lux Armisted Plush Eurotop is made of 825 support coils and memory foam on top. Kids love this model as it adjusts to the body and offers a unique experience while you sleep. Gel memory foam will help your child to sleep cool during the night. It will also help your child with pressure relief and give great support while they grow up.

Euro top mattress Foam Encased Shelton

The euro top mattress foam encased Shelton is a great model for your child. Is 360 degree foam encased and has a 540 spectrum coil system for extra support. Medium firm mattress is a great choice for children that need good support for their body.

The top layer is made of gel foam for extra comfort. The mattress quilt is made of a cotton fiber barrier.

All these models, and many more, can be found at the Matco Mattress store in Pensacola. You can also buy your mattress online and we can deliver.

What accessories do you need for your child’s mattress?

Platform kids bed frame in Pensacola, Fl

Bed frames that have headboard, footboard and rails. Children will like a tufted bed frame or a wood one, depending on the preferences. You can also go with a pink bed frame for the girls.

Mattress protector for kids in Pensacola, Florida

You can buy a mattress protector that will help keep the mattress clean. The mattress protector is waterproof and is a great investment when you have little kids.

The sheet set is hypoallergenic with 100% microfiber. The set has 1- flat sheet, 1- fitted sheet, 2- pillow cases. This is a superior quality microfiber set that is soft at the touch and wrinkle free. Your child will like the comfy and luxurious soft touch.


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