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Bedroom Feng Shui 2023

2023 is the water rabbit year, according to Chinese astrology.

Rabbit is one of the luckiest animals from the zodiac.

The water rabbit is peaceful, elegant & loving.

It supposed to bring healing to everyone in 2023.

The bedroom is the most important room in your house.

The place where we can relax and sleep.

Sex life, peace and love should be present into the bedroom.

Lucky colors for the bedroom 2023

White, blue, red, apple green & azure blue. Most used colors are light blue and green.

Bed position Feng Shui

  • Position your bed in the center of the room

  • Make sure your room is light enough and the sun can get in

  • Get a queen or king bed and mattress

  • No screen or electronic devices

  • No mirror in front of the bed

  • Avoid storage under the bed

You can see the door from your bed, but not face it.

Your bed needs to be comfortable, so you can sleep all night long with worries free.

A hybrid or cool touch mattress will help your body fall asleep fast and feel cozy during sleep.

A memory foam mattress is also a good choice, as it contours to your body. The hybrid mattress gives you extra support from wrapped coils and comfort from the memory foam top.

Important in Feng Shui to put your pillows and mattress in the sun for at least $15 minutes everyday. This will make you sleep better