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Thanksgiving 2022 mattress sale

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to be with your family and friends.

Many times you get unexpected guests and you want to get prepared before you host them at your house.

A bed is the most important thing when you are having family over.

We all want our guests to be welcomed and comfortable while staying at our place.

Mattress sale - Thanksgiving 2022 - Pensacola, Florida
Mattress sale - Thanksgiving 2022

Plan ahead of time if you are thinking to have family for Thanksgiving.

Also, make sure to have enough beds to accommodate everyone.

Depending on how many rooms you need to furnish, you can decide the number of beds you need.

And, the most important, the size of the bed you need.

Take a look at your guest rooms and see what pieces you need to have a complete bedroom.

Bed with headboard, footboard & rails.

Check the size that will fit and the color of the bed that will match with the interior.

The box spring and mattress that goes on top of the bed rails. And, if you have extra space, a dresser, night stand or chest & mirror.

Don’t forget to decorate the room with a lamp and some cozy pillows, sheets & mattress protectors.

Shop now and enjoy the Thanksgiving sale on mattresses and furniture at our store in Pensacola, Florida.

Check our mattress inventory at: 850 741-3850


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