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Tea will make you sleep better

The tea lovers enjoy drinking tea everyday.

I am a tea lover too and was wondering if we can drink tea before sleep.

A strong brewed cup of tea will not let you sleep all night.

And that was my case, as I enjoy drinking a strong cup of green tea.

Find how the tea will make you sleep better
Find how the tea will make you sleep better

I did the research, and actually found out, that there are couple teas that will help you sleep better.

Most of the teas that you can drink before sleep are plant based and, of course, decaffeinated.

Herbal teas help people sleep better during the night.

They have the same ingredients that can be found in sleep supplements. Drinking tea is a more enjoyable process than taking the supplements, for those who like tea.

You should definitely avoid drinking green tea, black tea, white tea that are caffeinated, late at night. These teas will give you a hard time falling asleep.

The most known and used teas before sleep are:

Chamomile Tea

The most know tea that will make you sleep better is chamomile tea. It has a sedative effect and calms your body and mind. It will also help your digestion, boost immunity, relieve stress and lower stress. This is a very good choice for a goodnight cup of tea.

Valerian Tea

It is made from the roots of the valerian plant. It helps you relieve stress and make you sleep better. This plant is used for many years to treat sleepless nights and even nervousness. A cup of valerian tea will improve the quality of your sleep with no side effects.

Lavender tea

This tea has a very aromatic scent. Even in ancient times lavender was used when taking baths. As the scent of lavender makes you feel relaxed, calm, and also calms the nerves. Studies showed that lavender helps treat insomnia, and even depression.

Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea before bed, and sleep all night long!

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