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Is the queen mattress big enough?

This question is often asked by our customers.

Along with the question if the queen mattress will feel comfortable for two people sleeping together.

Couples are always questioning the bed frame and mattress size in their bedroom - queen or king.

They like the idea of a king mattress, as they can sleep without worrying about space. But, if you don’t have a big space in your room, you can’t fit any other furniture. On the other hand, queen size mattresses are most used in the bedroom.

You can fit the whole bedroom set with a chest, mirror, dresser, night stand, bed frame, mattress, box spring and other accessories.

Is the queen mattress big enough?
Is the queen mattress big enough?

Is the queen mattress big enough for couples?

Queen mattress for one person

Queen size mattress is a dream come true for a single person. Is big enough for one person with extra space left in bed. Single people like queen beds, as they like to read a book in bed, write their to-do list in bed, have lunch in bed, and work from home in bed.

Queen mattress for couples

Couples wonder if the queen mattress is big enough for two of them. Queen size mattress is just perfect for couples. They can sleep comfortably in a queen size bed. Will even have some space left for turning and tossing around, without bothering the other person.

Queen mattress for family

Sleeping with your family in a queen mattress might not be perfect, but not impossible. Sleeping with your partner and a child should be just fine in a queen size bed.

Not sure if your queen mattress is big enough for you and your family?

Visit our showroom in Pensacola to test our queen size mattress and see if it is a good fit for your sleep.


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