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Mattresses for lower back pain

People who are experiencing lower back pain have a hard time sleeping well.

The importance of a good quality mattress is crucial when your back is hurting. Even if you consult a back pain specialist he will tell you how important is to have a mattress that will suit your back needs.

Why are people having low back pain when they sleep?

  • Sleeping on a wrong mattress firmness

  • The feeling of an uncomfortable mattress

  • Lack of proper support

  • Mattress materials

Mattresses for lower back pain
Mattresses for lower back pain

What kind of mattress to chose when you can’t sleep because of your back pain?

Mattress preferences for lower back pain

There is no such a mattress that fits all people with lower back pain. You need to test your mattress and feel the comfort level that you need.

By testing your mattress before buying it, you can see if there is enough support for your back. Especially, for your lower back.

This will help you sleep with no worries for back pain!

Mattress firmness for lower back pain

If you know your mattress firmness, you can easily go mattress shopping. The correct mattress firmness for your lower back is the key to a healthy sleep. Mattress firmness preferences is different for each person.

Our clients with lower back pain chose medium firm mattresses mostly.

The medium firm mattresses give enough support and comfort for your body to be relaxed while asleep.

Mattress support & comfort

Your mattress needs to have enough support and comfort, so your lower back feels relaxed. It is possible to achieve this sleep comfort with a perfect mattress for your body.

Hybrid mattresses made from innerspring and foam tend to offer more support and comfort. The individually wrapped coils give a very good support for your back.

The upper level which determines the comfort of the mattress, depends on your preferences. The padding of the mattress, the depth and support are those features that will help you determine the best mattress for your lower back.

Brand new mattress shopping

Your back pain can be from having a too old mattress. A mattress that is sagging can cause pain for your back. Is time to get a brand new mattress for a proper body support and comfort.

A brand new mattress needs to have a box spring that will give extra support for your mattress.

Get the size you need for your mattress and box spring in twin, full, queen, king, cal king and sleep undisturbed all night long.

Our store in Pensacola has a large variety of hybrid, medium firm and firm mattresses for you to test and chose from.

Visit our mattress and furniture store in Pensacola and get those discounts and sales today. Financing & same dat delivery will help you sleep with no worries.


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