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Mattress accessories - Find deals

Got your brand new mattress and now you are ready for the next step.

Upgrade your sleep with mattress accessories and you will sleep comfy all night long.

Infographic - Mattresses and accessories
Infographic - Mattresses and accessories

Let’s explore different mattress accessories that will make your sleep feel fluffy, soft and just beautiful.

Infographic: Mattress accessories
Infographic: Mattress accessories
Bed frame

A beautiful bed frame will make a huge difference in your bedroom bed. You need a comfortable mattress and a sturdy bed frame. The bed frame will change the look of your bedroom. Start the search for the bed frame when you know what color and design you want to go into your room. Having the mattress already, you know with what size of the bed to go - King, Queen, Full or Twin.

Box spring

Box spring for extra support. Same size as the mattress size you chose - Queen, King, Full, Twin, Twin XL. Choose from a low or high profile box spring. Depending if you want your bed to be higher or lower. Most people like the 9” box spring as they like to have a big bed.

Mattress protector

Mattress protectors are essential in keeping the mattress clean. The mattress protectors are waterproof and can be washed.

Mattress encasement

Mattress encasements are also made to protect the life of the mattress. It comes with a zipper and you can cover the whole mattress. The zipper encasement helps for bug infestation. The mattress encasements are also waterproof and can be washed.


Pillows are as important as mattresses. While the bed frame and box spring are responsible for support, mattresses and pillows are responsible for comfort. The way your head is resting all night depends on the comfort of the pillow you have. Get a pillow that helps your head and neck relax. You can go with gel memory foam pillows or copper infused pillows for pressure relief and cooling effects.


Choose the blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable during the night. We offer a weighted luxury hypoallergenic blanket that is soft at the touch and will keep your body cozy. This is a special blanket that will improve your sleep by reducing anxiety and stress.