Co-sleeping with your pet? What kind of bed size do you need?

Some pets just love sleeping in a real big bed.


And we can’t blame them for that.

As it is comfy and relaxing.


Lot of people like to co-sleep with their pet too, because they love to snuggle.

When it comes to choosing a bed, it is a little difficult.

As you need more space in your bed.
And if you have a partner, that will double the space you need.


If you have a small pet, it is a little easier, as you don’t have to have as much space. And, your pet can squeeze in your bed, even if it is a full size bed.

What size of the bed to choose?
When you go to buy a mattress you have to mention to the sell person how many people will sleep on the bed and how many pets you have that will share the bed with you. As well as, how big is the room and if you have the space for a king or even a california king bed. If you have more than one pet that will be co-sleeping with you, you will definitely need at least a Queen size bed.

If you have a partner and more pets, then a King size bed will be your best option. So, you can have space to move around and your pets to feel comfy in the bed. Of course, if you have more pets and more space in the room that will feet a California king size bed, that will give you enough space for all of you.

The most used bed size, when co-sleeping with your pet is Queen size bed. If you have enough space in your room, then this size of the bed will mostly fulfill your need.

If you still have any questions about what size of the bed you need, don’t hesitate to visit our store in Pensacola and our representative will help you choose the mattress for your needs.

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